Mental health and self-love enthusiast. Creator, educator, mama, wife, and friend.

I'm hazel medina

This bold but soft tee includes the that's so hazel opuntia flower and "self-love babe" phrase. Tuck it in. Tie it Up. Or just let it flow.  

However you decide to wear this tee, it's a beautiful reminder for you and everyone who sees you in it to find self-love. The vivid and feminine colors are sure to make you feel like the gorgeous babe that you are!  


Soft, tri-blend tee by Bella+Canvas

Loose and comfy unisex fit

Short sleeve crewneck


why you want it


self-love babe tee

soft & feminine

Created & Printed By Amber McKinley 

T-shirts designed by Hazel Medina

self-love babe tee


This beautiful piece is sure to make a statement. We want every girl and woman out there to know that they're worth it... whatever "it" is! 

you're worth it tee

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