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Get behind the scenes at Casa Medina. How I manage life as a wife, mom, and aspiring entrepreneur. The wins, the losses, the struggles, and the successes of the everyday. 


Mental health and self-love enthusiast. Creator, educator, mama, wife, and friend.

I'm hazel medina

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Being a stay at home mom is so easy!…I could barely get that sentence out without laughing and if some of you felt total resentment just reading it, I don’t blame you!

The truth is that being a stay at home mom is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had! It’s been two years. I don’t clean my house every day, or cook home-made meals every night. I don’t do all kinds of projects and crafts. And can someone please explain to me where all the time I was supposed to have for myself went because most days, there is none!

How I Manage Stay at Home Mom Life

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After years of struggling with severe depression, negative self-image, and lack of self-worth, I decided it was time to allow myself to be vulnerable, seek help, and find self-love. Though it's an on-going journey, I want to tell my story, share my experiences, and help others living with depression and other mental health issues.

I want to create a space where women in all stages of life, no matter their struggles, can be part of a community where it's safe to be vulnerable, honest, and real. I want to share the hardships of being a wife and mother, and how I manage life and find joy through intentional actions. 

I'm a 37-year-old Latin-American girl, mama, wife, and teacher. Actually, I'm a new stay at home mom, but I will always be a teacher at heart. 

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The wins, the losses, the struggles, and the successes of the everyday


Depression, self-love, & body image, among others

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