Mental health and self-love enthusiast. Creator, educator, mama, wife, and friend.

I'm hazel medina

Inspiring women to practice self-love and create joy intentionally, because, you're worth it! 

Mental health and self-love enthusiast. Creator, educator, mama, wife, and friend. Lover of life & self-improvement. 

I'm hazel medina

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I'm a Latina, wife, mama, friend, and lover of Jesus. I'm a former elementary school teacher of ten years, a learner, and a sharer. I'm a creator, designer, and lover of many things including music, dogs, coffee, wine, and aesthetics. 

I want to help you find self-love, manage your mental health, and create joy, no matter what your circumstances, experiences, or struggles may be. Being a woman and wearing multiple hats can be overwhelming and tiring. We can easily lose our identities & sight of our greatness. But we are capable, strong, and beautiful.  

I'd love to share my story and life with you. What helps me, might help you! I'll share the every day; the good, the bad, and the ugly. How I manage depression and create joy intentionally... Join me!

I struggle with depression, body image & other mental health disorders.

that's so hazel

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My husband and I enjoy living in and raising our kids in a place that offers beautiful sunsets, scenery, and warm weather year-round. There is so much to do but nothing beats the diversity of cultures and people to help us instill acceptance, kindness, and love in our children.  



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